Erin Entlich

Erin started her career in marketing and advertising, writing pithy prose for a range of clients, from the tech sector to MLS (Major League Soccer), and everything in between. A proud Corporate America drop-out, she turned to health and wellness over 20 years ago where she discovered a deep passion for helping others milk more out of life through improved fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Erin is a certified Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, and Yoga, Pilates and Power Plate Instructor. She is also a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, with advanced coursework in gut health.

When the pandemic struck and sent everyone home, Erin returned to her writing roots and started working as a freelance copywriter. She currently works with her clients to develop web site copy, blogs, social feeds, marketing materials and email campaigns.

Erin loves a catchy turn of phrase almost as much as a perfectly ripe avocado and now balances her two professional loves, writing and wellness, for a truly fulfilling career.

When she’s not churning out copy or coaching clients to better health, you can find Erin on her bike, in the kitchen or spending time with her family.


Copy | Health | Yoga | Workshops

Freelance Copywriting

Have a message to share but not sure how to say it?

Erin specializes in taking your ideas and articulating them in a way that feels authentic to your brand while achieving measurable results. From website copy and blogs to social feeds and email campaigns, Erin will craft compelling content that speaks directly to your audience in a way that is fresh, fun and engaging.

Rates start at $65/hour.
Flat rate options available for specific projects.

Health Coaching

Looking to make health and lifestyle changes that result in a more energetic, vibrant, and joyful life? Erin offers private one-on-one health coaching, both in person and virtually, to help you reach your unique wellness goals.

Erin uses an integrated approach to diet and lifestyle to improve her clients’ overall health because she knows that what’s at the end of your fork is only part of the story. Working toward a healthier life requires looking at your relationships, fitness, sleep and stress as well as nutrition for a truly holistic approach to wellness.

Erin also offers her wildly successful Transform30 online wellness program which is a 30 day, whole-food based approach to cleansing. It includes recipes, meal plans, virtual coaching, accountability, and education at a fraction of the price of private coaching.  

Private Coaching Rate: starts at $125/hour

Monthly Private Coaching: starts at $499
Transform30 Nutritional Reboot: just $12/day


Erin is available for private, corporate, or event-based yoga classes customized to your unique needs.

Private or semi-private yoga classes are ideal for the yoga newbie or anyone wanting to take their practice to the next level. Through precise verbal cues and hands-on adjustments, Erin will create a safe space for you to gain strength and flexibility as you explore the powerful combination of yoga and breath work.

Incorporating movement breaks into meetings, workshops, and corporate events is a great way to increase focus and concentration, improve health and create meantiful connection. A healthy workplace is a happy one and yoga can be a powerful addition to any corporate wellness program.

Yoga is also a great addition to retreats, reunions wedding weekends and more. Reach out to Erin to discuss event pricing and packages.

Erin teaches a light-hearted and energetic flow designed to help you move, breathe, sweat and foster a deeper connection to yourself.

Rates start at $85/hr for private sessions.


Erin conducts workshops and events focused on a range of wellness topics including whole food nutrition, meal planning, pre- and post-workout nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and kids’ health.

As a former D1 All-American soccer player, Erin loves conducting wellness workshops for competitive girls’ and boys’ soccer players to help them improve flexibility, reduce injury, boost recovery, manage performance anxiety and dial in their nutrition. Currently, she works with the Denver Kickers soccer club in Golden, CO.

Not local to Denver? No problem, workshops can also be conducted virtually, via Zoom. Contact Erin to discuss pricing and availability.

Rates start at $125 for workshops.


Adding more organic, plant-based nutrition to your day is one of the best ways to help your body thrive. Use code “erinentlich” to save $50 at my favorite online superfood store.

Or click here to order your 30-day Transformation and join my online support group. In just 30 days you will reduce inflammation, boost energy, heal your gut and feel amazing!  

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